The Norfolk Gin



Discover our exquisite Norfolk Gin – distilled with botanicals to link Norfolk Island, Port Jackson and Tasmania. Our gin celebrates Norfolk Island and the journey of the sloop Norfolk, that Flinders and Bass sailed on to circumnavigate Tasmania and discover that it was in fact, an island.



The Norfolk Gin celebrates the story of the Colonial sloop Norfolk and embodies the Spirit of Exploration. Constructed against orders on Norfolk Island and launched in 1798, Norfolk was confiscated by Governor John Hunter after its maiden voyage from Norfolk Island to Port Jackson. The vessel was re-purposed and used by Matthew Flinders and George Bass to circumnavigate Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) and discover that it was in fact an island.


Available in 2 distinct editions – Original & Crew Strength.

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The Norfolk Gin – Original Edition – 42% ABV

Connecting traditional London Dry ingredients with botanicals from Norfolk Island, Tasmania and coastal Australia. A juniper led gin with crisp citrus notes from the Norfolk Island Lemon and a slight peppery kick from the Tasmanian Pepperberry. All softened eloquently with Berry Salt Bush, Hibiscus and Elderflower. 


The Norfolk Gin – Crew Strength – 57% ABV

In this Crew Strength Edition at 57% ABV our Norfolk Gin botanicals from Norfolk Island, Tasmania and coastal Australia are given a wonderfully rich flavour profile. In Naval history 57% was a legislated requirement for gin on board ships and so we’ve named this edition ‘Crew Strength’ in honour of Norfolk’s crew. 


Artisan distilled in small batches. This deep and crisp juniper-led gin has an exciting peppery kick from the Tasmanian Pepperberry, with citrus freshness from the Norfolk Island Lemon.

The sloop Norfolk’s story…

The sloop Norfolk’s story only spans two and a half years, but it is forever etched into Australia’s maritime history. Scroll to explore



Autumn 1798

In the Autumn of 1798 the convict built sloop 'Norfolk' was launched at Norfolk Island having been built in secret against the orders of Governor John Hunter.


15 July 1798

The Norfolk arrives at Port Jackson and is immediately confiscated by Governor John Hunter having been built against his explicit orders. The Norfolk is repurposed as a Government vessel and fitted out for an expedition by Matthew Flinders and George Bass.


7 October 1798

The Norfolk sails from Port Jackson with a crew of 10 led by Matthew Flinders and George Bass. Their voyage is one of discovery as they set sail to attempt to circumnavigate Tasmania to prove it is an island.


12 January 1799

Matthew Flinders and George Bass sail back into Port Jackson having circumnavigated Tasmania as expected. The journey has taken a little over 3 months. Governor John Hunter later attributes the name 'The Bass Strait' as the stretch of water between the Australian mainland and Tasmania at Matthew Flinders' request.


July 1799

Matthew Flinders sets sail again on the Norfolk - this time with his brother and a crew of 8 to search for inlets up the East coast as far as Hervey Bay. This time there is a special member of the crew: Matthew Flinders cat, Trim.


October 1800

In service as a Government cargo vessel, Norfolk is transporting goods from the Hawkesbury River port to Port Jackson when it is seized by 15 convicts and stolen. The convicts plan to flee Australia onboard the Norfolk and head North.


November 1800

Four weeks after seizing Norfolk, the fleeing convicts head for shelter in the Hunter river during a storm. Their attempt to find shelter is unsuccessful and they run aground and wreck at Pirate Point, now known as Stockton.


After the wrecking...

9 Convicts flee in another stolen boat, and 6 head into the bush to take their chances. Governor John Hunter sends an armed vessel in search of the convicts to capture and make an example of them. The 9 are apprehended, of which 2 are executed and the remaining 7 are sent to Norfolk Island as punishment. Of the others, 3 head toward Port Jackson to surrender and the other 3 are never heard of again.

Sharing Norfolk’s Stories

with Norfolk Island and Tasmanian botanicals


Norfolk Island Bush Lemon




Tasmanian Pepperberry


Orange Peel


Enjoy a classic Gin and Tonic with a citrus flavour profile from Norfolk Island Bush Lemon, a peppery kick from our Tasmanian Pepperberry botanicals, or find out some fun variations on our cocktails page. Aways Drink Responsibly.


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